Hello everybody!
My name's Ellie and this is my collective, Dearest. Here you'll find all my sites and some random infos about me. This is version 3 featuring Twilight the movie which I really loved a lot (aww, Robert! <33).
So, maybe you're wondering why I named the collective "dearest"? Well, it was firstly because of the third ending from the anime InuYasha, which I used to love a lot. Now I'm less in love with this series, but I still like it, and the song "Dearest" by Ayumi Hamasaki it's still one of my favourite. And I still like the name itself, so here it is. ;)
If you wanna affiliate, or just wanna tell me something, feel free to send me an email!
I think that's all. Enjoy your stay here! =D



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Last updated: January 25, 2009
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